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About C2 Solutions

Combining solid IT Consulting experience with the latest Cloud technologies, thus the 2 C’s in its name.

C2 Solutions provides consulting services to assist with your online presence and business strategy. We focus on progressive businesses that are seeking to maximise growth by using modern solutions to minimise overheads and increasing profit.

Our strategies additionally reduce infrastructure footprint, upfront costs and ongoing expenses, while improve agility, flexibility, speed to market and profitability.

As Founder and Director at C2 Solutions, Dean has 15 years of experience in IT and business improvement. He is broad technology specialist with an extensive experience in strategy, project management, business improvement, infrastructure and solutions delivery.

A passionate revolutionary who leads innovative and valued solutions of exceeding quality. He is fulfilled by delivering solutions that improve the business.  A keen understanding of the balance between the application of technology, the business process, the business context, and the culture required for success.

A perpetual perfectionist, modern thinker, entrepreneur, martial artist, mountain bike rider, jogger, meditation teacher, passionate family man and geek at heart.

Dean is not only to be a very technically knowledgable person, but also someone with a good understanding of the business and how his processes can assist and influence the effectiveness of organisation.
- John Cachia, Managing Principal - HRM Consulting Services
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Dean Crabb



Our Vision is to be the leading expert in business automation and systemisation in Australia, utilising the latest online and cloud-based technologies for business efficiency and growth.


Everyday we help our clients achieve progressive growth by automating what they do, systemising how they do it and innovating the way they work.








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