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Do you have a technical question you want answered?

Do you have a technical question you want answered? Well now … C2 ANSWERS! Hi I’m Dean Crabb, Director at C2 Solutions. And we’re focused on helping businesses automate, systemise and innovate the way they work using cloud solutions. Now look, there are lots of business experts and business coaches out there … who’ll tell […]

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Client Update: C2 Solutions update for 2017 Q1

We’ve made some big and important changes in C2 Solutions at the beginning of this year 2017 that we want to share. Mostly because it changes the way you’ll be communicating and interacting with us when you attempt to contact us. We’ve implemented: A new Helpdesk system that will allow us to central manage all […]

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Xmas Message 2016

We hope you enjoy this video fun. We enjoyed making it!! 🙂 A big thank you to all your viewers, partners and clients for your support through 2016. We really appreciate it. We’ll be closed from 24th Dec to Jan 9th. For any critical issues contact us through our website or call. Hope you all […]

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The 5 Benefits of Google and Moving to the Cloud

Can I use Outlook with Google Apps (Gmail)? There’s an interesting addiction in the business world called Outlook (and Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel). When moving to the cloud, the top two questions that our clients usually ask are “Can we still use Outlook? AND Can we still use Word and Excel?” In reality, Google […]

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