Lastpass Enterprise Setup

Secure your business with Lastpass Enterprise and feel confident knowing all of your business cloud systems are only accessible by the right people.

Lastpass enterprise is for businesses wanting to take control over their cloud solutions and passwords as well as restrict who has access to them and from what devices.

Key features of last past enterprise is the ability to store passwords in shared folders, give users access to only the folders they need, and restrict control of those passwords to teams, countries, or particular mobile devices.

Lastpass Enterprise is a must-have tool for all businesses, but especially businesses that are required to store and access other companies cloud systems like accountants and bookkeepers.

Why is Lastpass Enterprise important for my Business?

  • Store your business passwords in a secure vault.
  • Your team can use passwords without even knowing the password!
  • Saves lots of time in your business through improved system access (no more lost passwords or “Who has the password for …?”)
  • Control who can see what passwords and on what devices
  • Two-factor authentication for extra protection!
  • Access to our training videos for you and your employees.

Watch this demonstration to see Lastpass Enterprise in Action

Secure Your Business Passwords

We’ve been using Lastpass for years and we store thousands of passwords (literally!) and our proven methodology for structuring Lastpass Enterprise has been tested by many businesses including accountants and bookkeepers.

So contact us about your Lastpass Enterprise setup and get the benefits of this brilliant solution today!