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Top 21 Essential Cloud Apps to Systemise Your Business


At C2 Solutions our goal is automate, systemise and innovate your business using cloud technologies with a focus on improving business productivity.

Our cloud-based products and IT services work together to deliver a solution that enables your business to grow, be more productive and collaborative.

Why Systemise?


94% of problems in a Business are Systems Driven and only 6% are People Driven.

When you spend most of your time managing your people and doing admin tasks, it is time to do things differently. Instead of managing your business, our job is to help you build it. With business systemisation…

What We Can Do For You

If its worth doing, its worth doing right and we believe you are best to do it right the first time.

We are passionate about providing premium quality service and solutions.

Business Automation & Systemisation

Having a streamlined, solid system and automatic processes can make your business operations running smoothly so you can focus more on building revenue.

G Suite Setup & Migration

Onboarding with G Suite is easy because we will take care of transferring your data (emails, calendars, documents) from your old system to the cloud.


We can help find cloud solutions for your business whether you’re running a small or large team, or if you want to monetise your website with online payments.

Intranet Quick-Start Setup

Gone are the days of bulletin boards and manual filing. Intranets serve as your business’ portal for all company information, including your sales process or training manuals.

Enterprise Password Security

Stop wasting time writing and remembering passwords for websites. We can solve all your team password problems with one powerfully encrypted password manager tool.


Our technical experts can help you develop your website and connecting it with other cloud applications to provide better customer experience and business productivity.


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Successful Business Solutions

We love finding and creating solutions for our clients that improves the way they work and increases their value.
Here is some of our work.


We love finding and creating solutions for our clients
as well as great websites that are a central part of improving the way they do business.
Here is some of our work.

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