Automated Contract Generation – Aussie Forklift Hire

About This Project

The Brief

Aussie Forklift Hire are a successful and growing hire business that has been running for approximately nine years.  They have a mindset to continually evolve and use modern cloud technologies to grow the business. They were already using Google Apps for Work for email and Google Drive, and approached us about seeing if there was some way we could use Google to simplify their contract process.

Currently they were using a Microsoft Word template with form fields to simplify the contract generation. Although when they moved this document into Google Drive they were not able to get it to work the same. This is the point they approached us to see if we could solve the problem.

The issue was also compounded by their rate of growth. The sheer volume of contracts that they needed to create everyday meant this was a time-consuming task that was bottlenecking the business.  They would spend nearly 20 to 30 minutes per contract using their Microsoft Word template.

Our Approach

We spent some time with Aussie Forklift Hire to discuss their entire contract process and how this interfaced with clients to get a better understanding of the complete picture.  We realised there was a much more streamlined way of approaching the contracts in contrast to their current approach.

We developed a quick proof of concept to ensure our ideas were solid and got approval from them to proceed with the solution.

The Result

The solution for Aussie Forklift Hire was not just to convert the Microsoft Word template into Google Drive but to implement an end-to-end solution that streamlined the whole process.  This required setting up processes around the contract generation as well.

With Google Apps for Work we fully automated the contract using Google forms.  This started by first gathering the necessary information from the client in a concise way using a Google form. This dramatically reduced the amount of work spent by Aussie Forklift Hire in chasing client details and ensured all the necessary information was gathered to create the contract.

Once the client information was collected, this auto-populated another internal Google form that then allowed Aussie Forklift Hire to flesh out the necessary details that formulated the contract. After submitting this, a completed contract was generated and saved directly into his Google Drive as both a Word document and also a completed PDF. The PDF ensured that a version of the contract was historically saved and not editable, and the Word document allowed them to make manual edits if required.  We were also able to get the contract to look exactly like the earlier Microsoft Word template they were using.

In addition the generation of the contracts, the solution kept a copy of the contract details in a Google spreadsheet so they were able to look back across all contracts in one place.

The automated contract generation solution was a fantastic success and dramatically reduced the time required to create contracts.  We then started to help them find, select and implement a best-of-breed cloud hire solution to take their business to the next level.

I was impressed with the quality of the contract that C2 Solutions were able to produce. They really listened to what our business was about and the contract generation automation that they set up has saved us so much time. Ive shown several other colleagues how good it is.


- Jonathan Polyblank, Director, Aussie Forklift Hire

Project Samples

These samples show the initial contract generation Google form and the customised Google Drive contract that we were able to produce (that matched the design of their original Word document that was being done manually).

Aussie Forklift Hire - Automated Contract Generation 1-v2Aussie Forklift Hire - Automated Contract Generation 2-v2Aussie Forklift Hire - Automated Contract Generation 3-v2

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