Hire Software Selection & Implementation – Aussie Forklift Hire

About This Project

The Brief

Aussie Forklift Hire are a successful and growing hire business that has been running for approximately nine years.  They have a mindset to continually evolve and use modern cloud technologies to grow the business. Up to 2015 they had maintained their contracts and the status of their hires through a combination of strict internal manual processes and spreadsheets.  This covered everything from what forklifts were on hire, who they were with, what accessories were used, what was in for service, and also the history of services for the machines.

While these methods proved effective for a small business, they started to become problematic as their rate of growth increased. The volume of forklifts, the increasing number of contracts on-hire, delivery and servicing of all machines started to become difficult to manage.

The business owner had independently researched and tried several hire solutions but found the process time-consuming.  It was also difficult for them to properly assess the suitability of a solution for their business due to the complicated technical requirements involved.

Aussie Forklift Hire originally approached us about automating their contract generation, and seeing our value realised we could also assist them with this next important stage of their evolution. It was at this point they engaged us to help them find and select a best-of-breed hire solution to help them grow and better manage their fleet.

Our Approach

We met with Aussie Forklift Hire to discuss the requirements and spend 2 days onsite understanding the intricacies of their operations. From this we detailed a list of 60 requirements they wanted to fulfil in a hire solution.  This included the ability to use the software in the cloud and access it remotely, hire / off-hire / sub-hire / cross-hire / exchange capability for assets, Xero accounting system integration, workshop service schedules and maintenance records, automatic contract generation, delivery / collection and scheduling, purchase and orders, and remote access for mechanics through mobile devices to name a few.

We then spent several weeks researching 20 of the top hire solutions in the market. For many of these this meant contacting the providers and organising demonstrations and/or trials of their software to evaluate their appropriateness to the requirements.  Interestingly the research highlighted a lack of maturity in true cloud solutions, mostly due to the complex nature of the hire industry – the available cloud solution hadn’t yet developed to cater for their advanced needs.  This required C2 Solutions to find solutions that were a best “fit-for-business” for Aussie Forklift Hire while still being able to meet the benefits often gained from cloud solutions.

Once we had shortlisted the top three solutions, we then entered a second stage of review which included two rounds of software demonstrations with the software vendor’s and the business owner. This was to get real world examples of how each solution met the specific requirements.  From this second stage of review we were able to exclude one of the solutions leaving us with two shortlisted options.

The third stage of the review process included another software demonstration with the business owner and a further chance to probe into the solutions capabilities and usage.  After this third stage of review we were able to shortlist one of the solutions for the final round.

In the final stage of review did a detailed analysis of the quote, contract, and terms and conditions for Aussie Forklift Hire. We also put together a three-year cost analysis for the business owner so they could have a clear picture of the monthly and annual expenses.  We also helped ratify the project timeline, implementation plan and a detailed scope of works for the project.

Through this entire process we consulted with Aussie Forklift Hire to help them understand the business and technical implications to the solution they were getting. At the end of the review they felt confident they had found the best solution to enable the business over the next several years.

The Result

In May 2015, Aussie Forklift Hire approved the contract to implement their new hire software, InspHire, with June 2015 as project kick off date. This was the milestone to the next major phase of the project – the implementation.

The first stage of the implementation required taking all of their current asset information and preparing it to be imported into InspHire. We consulted with Aussie Forklift Hire to set up this asset import, which included many careful, high-level business decisions that would have longer term implications to the structure of their operations and the usage of the InspHire software.

In June 2015 we implemented InspHire into Aussie Forklift Hire and spent an intensive period documenting the setup and usage of the system to ensure there was internal absorption of the knowledge. During this stage of the project, C2 Solutions played an integral role in translating the business’s processes and the owners needs into how the software was setup. This included setting up the contract template, assets, hire rates schedule, forklift accessories, contract processes, on-hire processes, and services / maintenance schedules. We also helped train the employees on how to use the solution.

Currently, we are continuing to support Aussie Forklift Hire to ensure their investment in InspHire is properly realised.  This will ensure a smooth transition in business processes, team culture and knowledge from their current manual methods to the new system. The intention is to support Aussie Forklift Hire over the next six months while the rest of their business processes are adapted to support this new technology.

Already Aussie Forklift Hire are seeing positive signs of business growth from this investment in their technology and business as a whole.  We are excited to be a part of this integral stage of their development.

Now that we have been through this process, I am glad we had C2 Solutions there to support us. We would not have been able to do it without them. They provided a depth of technical ability and business know-how to guide us through an infinitely complex task. They were able to break the whole process down into meaningful stages and guide us through each methodically. There is a depth of under-stated experience that comes through in what they do that gives us a sense of confidence that we have selected the right solution for our business and also the right technology consultant

- Jonathan Polyblank, Director, Aussie Forklift Hire

Project Samples

These samples show some of the screens in InspHire and the benefits it provides Aussie Forklift Hire in managing the forklifts and contracts, servicing their forklifts, and scheduling their collections and deliveries.

Aussie Forklift Hire - Hire Software Selection 1-v2 Aussie Forklift Hire - Hire Software Selection 2-v2 Aussie Forklift Hire - Hire Software Selection 3-v2 Aussie Forklift Hire - Hire Software Selection 4-v2

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