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About This Project

The Brief

Sell-Fast Property Makeovers are rapidly expanding property makeover and renovations business. They originally approached us about helping them relieve the burden of the quoting process that they undergo when doing a job. Initially the business owner would meet a prospective client and take notes about the job and then go home and spend about two hours per quote writing it up into a detailed brief in Microsoft Word and doing the quote calculations in Microsoft Excel. As his business got busier this created a compounding effect on the amount of time spent on quoting which naturally that became problematic.

They originally approached a few other developers to look at getting their own mobile application developed that would allow them to take quotes on their iPad or phone and have it generate a quality quote for them. Some initial estimations from other providers were above $10,000+ to build a custom solution.

Our Approach

After initially meeting with Sell-Fast Property Makeovers and discussing their requirements, we agreed that more research was required to find a cloud solution that could produce the detailed quote format that they were using in their business and meet all of the mobile requirements they were seeking.  A list of 32 requirements was drawn up.

We spent a day and a half researching about 20 different cloud quoting solutions on the market and then reported back to Sell-Fast Property Makeovers with our findings.

The Result

We were able to find two cloud solutions that ticked all the boxes for their 32 requirements although the two solutions were at different spectrums of maturity.

One solution allowed for a nice and light implementation and a simpler version of the quote that would “do the job”. The second solution had more advanced features and could produce the quote perfectly to meet the clients requirements, although it would mean more work was required in implementation. After careful consideration Sell-Fast Property Makeovers opted to use the more mature solution.

In the end we were able to set up all of their products and generate a quote that perfectly matched the existing template they were producing in Microsoft Word through an iPad.  This allowed them to capture all of the client details directly into the quote while they were on site.  It also auto calculated the quote value and output it similarly to what they were producing in Microsoft Excel.

The whole solutions cost them about one fifth of some of their original estimates.  It reduced the quoting process down from a two-hour manual labour exercise down to about 15 minutes.  This enabled Sell-Fast Property Makeovers to ensure they were being more effective at their turnover of quotes while still maintaining the level of quality and professionalism they were producing with the manual quotes.  It also allowed them to reclaim significant amounts of administration time which they are now using to grow other aspects of their business.

All in all C2 Solutions found a perfect software solution for my business due to his attention to detail and spending the time to learn about my business and its needs. Another great outcome is that the solution costs $25 per month and leaves me well in front from the $15,000 quotes I was receiving in the beginning. I can only highly recommend C2 Solutions and their services which are specialised to say the least.
- Grant Nelson, Director, Sell-Fast

Project Samples

These samples show the initial quoting screen and the customised quote that we were able to produce (that matched the design of their original quote that was being done manually).

Sell-Fast - Quoting Solution Case Study 1-v2Sell-Fast - Quoting Solution Case Study 2-v2 Sell-Fast - Quoting Solution Case Study 3-v2 Sell-Fast - Quoting Solution Case Study 4-v2

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