McMahons Transport

About This Project

McMahon’s Transport contacted us about building them a quality website after we had supported them on The People’s Truck fundraiser.  They wanted something that represented their brand in the trucking industry and hence had a strong confident feel.  We talked with them at length about the industry is a service and how to best represent their brand.  They wanted a website that was functional, clear, intuitive to use and “matter of fact”.  They also had several key messages they want to convey through the website.

One of the feature points of the website was creating an online catalogue of their range of products which include mulches, soils, compost, fertilisers and feature rocks etc. However typically getting a perspective of size and colour had been a challenge for competitor websites. After discussing this challenge we came up with a unique concept of photographing the products top in our hands. This not only appealed to the simplicity of the target market but also gave a unique perspective of grain size and colour.

Within days of launching the website, the volume of hits had gone up nearly tenfold due to people clicking through the catalogue and McMahon’s transport and six new clients in the pipeline.  It also allowed him to create several new product ranges and feature them quickly to ensure he was capturing new markets and sales.


After working with Dean at C2 Solutions on The Peoples Truck fundraiser, where he has been an integral part of raising a total of $422,000.00 for Kids with cancer in the last 4 years. We asked him to help take McMahons Transport on line. This was a big change for us as it is for a lot of people who are not too Tec savvy. C2 Solutions assistance has been nothing short of brilliant from start to finish. He helped us work out what we wanted to achieve with our web site and where we needed it to complement our business. They set a clear budget for the cost and then set about completing the process in a very proficient and professional manner. Yes we have had to take time to assist in the content but C2 Solutions made this easy and worked in with us in our time. The experience of working with C2 Solutions has been a pleasure and I am very happy our result. I look forward to working with C2 Solutions on future projects we have on the drawing board.


- Derek McMahon, McMahons Transport



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