Well-Aware-Ness Psychology Website

About This Project

Well-Aware-Ness Psychology came to us in a bad way – failing old website platform, many domains not centrally managed, uncontactable developer, troubled email platform and low uptake on readership from their clients.  A lot of administration was also required to maintain the old website and manual mailchimp newsletters. A jump start was required.

We build them a new featured packed website that would future proof them for their long wish list.  We simplified their events management and online bookings, setup Instagram galleries, YouTube channels, Facebook Paage, and migrated them to Google Apps for Work.  We also completely automated their Mailchimp Newsletter to a new template that streamlined their online communications.  There was an immediate spike in client readership.  We’ve since been gradually training them up on the new systems as their internal culture catches up with the new improved ways of working.

We are now also assisting them in improving their office network, HiCap Card payment terminals, seminar room video presentations and more.

Facebook, Google Apps for Work, Instagram, Mailchimp, Online Orders, Website, YouTube