Amendments to Terms and Conditions

C2 Solutions has made some amendments to our Terms and Conditions as of 25th Sept 2015 .  These changes allow for release of our new Managed Services products and improvements to our project revisions process.  The changes don’t affect existing customers, only new customers about to start a website design or customers that buy our Managed Services products.

The below outlines the changes to the terms on our website. The full terms can be read here.


  1. “Ongoing Management” means the ongoing work to keep the website operational as part of a Managed Service product. This includes, but is not limited to: data management, backups, maintenance, upgrades and software patches.


  1. C2 SOLUTIONS GROUP will provide a maximum of 3 hours of revisions after the submission of the content to the CLIENT, before the website is completed, unless an hourly quota is set within the scope of works of the quote. Revisions beyond his clause or quoted scope of works will be charged at our hourly rate.

Website, Data and Security

  1. Point 3 removed. Point 4 revised to “The CLIENT is responsible the website and indemnifies C2 SOLUTIONS GROUP against any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from website downtime or security breaches.”

General Support & Managed Services

This whole section replaced.

  1. “General Support” is for CLIENTs who have not purchased a “Managed Service” product or Support Pack. C2 SOLUTIONS GROUP will make all best efforts to support “General Support” CLIENT to its abilities as required. Usual response times are within 24 hours. Any modifications or support time will be charged for any support at our hourly rate. CLIENTs wanting Ongoing Management past the Warranty Period are recommended to purchase a “Managed Service” product, or Support Pack which includes a block of pre-paid support hours.
  2. Ongoing Management (see definition) is only included in this agreement by purchasing one of the “Managed Service” products from Support Packs only offer volume discounts on support hours and does not warrant the CLIENT to Ongoing Management.
  3. CLIENTS with a current Managed Service product receive a 10% discount off our full hourly rate on all ongoing website support and development.
  4. CLIENT’s who purchase Managed Service products will only receive the services they have purchased, which can include:
    1. Offsite Backups
    2. Website Monitoring
    3. Content Distribution Network (CDN)
    4. Security Enhancements
    5. Website core software, theme and plugin updates
    6. Additional Support Hours
  5. The following conditions apply to Manage Service Products:
    1. Offsite Backups will be kept for a 4 week period.
    2. Website core and plugin patching will be done monthly. Website theme patching will be done quarterly if an update is available from the supplier of the theme.
    3. Use of the Content Distribution Network (CDN) to offset hosting bandwidth is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy. CLIENTS are still required to make all efforts to manage their hosting space and bandwidth by appropriately reducing image and video sizes on their website. Abuse of this Acceptable Use policy will result in additional charges to cover the excess hosting and bandwidth usage incurred.
    4. Managed Services can include additional support hours. Support hours are used as part of the regular maintenance tasks (like break/fix) and cannot be used for website changes or development.  Additional works above the included support hours to maintain the site as part of the Managed Service repairs are chargeable.
  6. Managed Services improves website overall health, performance and compatibility however this does not guarantee the website from bugs, issues, failures or irrecoverable loss. C2 SOLUTIONS GROUP will make all best efforts to support the CLIENT’s website under a Managed Services product. The CLIENT indemnifies C2 SOLUTIONS GROUP against any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from any services provided by C2 SOLUTIONS GROUP and Ongoing Maintenance of the website.
  7. C2 SOLUTIONS GROUP will respond to the CLIENT who have Managed Service products for any website issues within 4 hours. C2 SOLUTIONS GROUP will resolve any issues within a timeframe specified to the CLIENT depending on the nature of the issue. The CLIENT acknowledges that plugins and themes provided by 3rd parties may require the issue to be raised to the 3rd party for resolution and is thus outside the control of C2 SOLUTIONS GROUP, which can affect resolution timeframes.
  8. Any claim against C2 SOLUTIONS GROUP by the CLIENT for lack of response within the above timeframes, or loss to the CLIENT due website bugs, issues or failures, will be limited to the equivalent total of one month’s fee. This rebate will be given as a credit against the CLIENTs account.
  9. CLIENTS will not be covered under the Manage Service product if their monthly payment is late.
  10. CLIENT’s without a Support Pack or Managed Service will be prioritised after clients who have a pre-paid Support Pack and/or Managed Service.
  11. CLIENT’s without a Support Pack will be required to supply credit card details and authorise upfront payment for support hours before work will commence. The CLIENT will be charged at our hourly rate during Business Hours and twice our hourly rate outside Business Hours (refer to the Business Hours clause), at a minimum of 1 hour.
  12. CLIENT’s, with or without a Support Pack, wanting support or modifications outside Business Hours (refer to the Business Hours clause), will be charged at twice the hourly rate and at a minimum of 1 hour.
  13. C2 SOUTIONS GROUP reserves the right to alter, modify, transfer, remove or cancel any Manage Service product, in whole or part, at its absolute discretion.