Using the “Asana for Gmail” Add-on to Turn Emails into Tasks

Today I want to show you how to get all the stuff that’s in your email, and put them into a proper task management solution really easily. There are few extensions we can get in chrome webstore built by third party providers for this, but there is one provided by Asana which is Asana for Gmail that you can get in the Google marketplace. Once installed, this will appear in the right-hand side of your email and will provide great capability and integration between Asana and Gmail.

1. Install the Gmail Add-on

This Gmail Add-on will require your Google Administrator to install for your enterprise. Once activated it will take about from 30 minutes to 1 day to appear. When I did it, it took 30 minutes after installation to appear in my emails but it may vary for you. As mentioned earlier, this will not appear in your inbox where all your emails are listed, but it will appear in the right-hand side of your email once you open the email. The video explains the process for setting it up on first use and how to use it.

2. Log-in your Google Credentials

Inside your Gmail inbox, open an email that you want to turn into an Asana task. You can see the Asana logo in the right-hand side of the email. Click the Asana icon, click Authorize Access button, then you need to choose the account you will authorize and choose the Allow button. You also need to log in your Asana account credentials, (if you used you Google account then log in using your Google account email address. Click Allow button again, then we’re in.

3. Define Your Settings

Before you Create or Search for a task, you need to check on your Settings. if you have multiple organizations, you need to change and choose your organization you will use. This will ensure you get search for an find the right Assignees for tasks.

Another thing is, I encountered a bug along the way. That my personal Google email address was showing in the add-on instead of my business email address even though tasks created through the plugin were actually using my business Asana account. This may be fixed in a future release. You can see this bug in the video. You should make sure your credentials are updated and accurate whenever logging in.

4. Create or Search Tasks

The interesting part here is if you haven’t created any task in an email, you will see the Create and Search buttons to choose for new task. This tells you there is no task that has be created for this email before. So to create a new task do this:

    1. You can now Create new task or Search existing task.
    2. Once you’ve clicked Create, you can also change the task name, then, pick or change the Assignee.
    3. You need to choose from the Due Date dropdown, for when this task is due or you can select Set Manually.
      Note: if you choose Set Manually no date is set and you have to go over to Asana after you’ve created the
      task to set the due date.
    4. You can then add a task Description. There is limited formatting capability here.
    5. You can then assign a Project name to the task.
    6. Once the task is created, there are options below to choose from; Post Comment, Mark Task as
      and Open in Asana.
      You can Post Comment in task. You can also paste in URL links to things like online screenshots
      or Google documents in your comment, but you can’t attach files in this side bar.
    7. Once done with the task, you can click the Mark as Complete link.
    8. Lastly if you need to too you can click the Open in Asana link, which will be take you to that specific task in
      Asana, and you can see all the email details in the task. You can still edit the details in the Asana task.

    This is definitely this is a nice capability of being able to take task from Gmail and automatically have them come to Asana. It is also really nice that it maintains a relationship between the email you are viewing and the Asana task related to it.

    There is one caveat, while you are in an email with the Asana to Gmail sidebar open, if you search for another Asana task and open it, that task will be associated with that email. When you return to the email later, you’ll see the last searched task in the sidebar not the original logged task.

    So, every email has their related Asana tasks which is nice. But, you must be aware of what email is open and what task is in the sidebar. This little caveat can be confusing, so just keep it in mind and check the relationship of your Gmail and Asana task.


    So that outlines the installation, setup and use of the Asana for Gmail Add-on. Once you get familiar with it and use it, it is very powerful tools for being able to create tasks directly from Gmail into Asana and then view that task within your email.

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