4 Ways to Attach Files from Google into Asana

Today I want to talk about the four ways to move files from Google into your Asana tasks. This will help you to do your work effectively and efficiently. Attaching and moving files into Asana is a common thing that occurs when you work, so the better you are using them and understanding the different ways is important.

4 Ways to Attach Files from Gmail into Asana Task

Option 1 – Forward the email into Asana Task

The quick and easy way to attach files into Asana is to forward the email. Asana has a default address that is x@mail.asana.com, your email address will be detected and this will automatically be forwarded in your Asana task as a New Task in the My Tasks section.

There is an alternative way to do it, if you want to create the task in a specific project. You need to go directly to your project and click the option for Add Task → Via Email. This will generate a unique email address where you can send emails straight to that specific Asana project.

Option 2 – Drag and Drop downloaded file(s) from PC or email into an Asana Task

Another way is you can drag and drop downloaded file(s) from your PC or attachments you’ve downloaded from an email into your Asana tas. You need to download the email attachments from your Gmail into your Downloads folder.

Once the download is complete, this will show at the bottom of your browser. Then go to and open the Asana task in another browser tab. You can just drag the downloaded file you need over to your Asana task.

Another way of this you can drag and drop a file from any folder on your PC to your Asana task. The advantage here is you can rename files before dragging in your Asana task in this method.

There is a disadvantage (for me) is that the attachment is only saved in the Asana task, but I like to have a copy of all my files saved in my Google Drive. It is then always searchable and I have a repository of them for historical purposes because Google is the core infrastructure to my business.

So, we’ll now cover the next 2 methods.

Option 3 – Save File(s) to your Google Drive Folder in the Cloud and attach file from Asana using your Google Drive Dropdown

The third way is to save the file(s) to your Google Drive folder, direct from Google Gmail to Google drive you using the Save to Drive icon.

From your email, click the Save to Drive icon then Organise your attachments into the Google Drive folder if your choice. This is all done in your browser. You can also rename the file if you need to.

Then, go to the Asana task you need to attach the file(s) onto, then click the Paperclip icon, choose Attach from Google Drive and select your Google account for access to your files.

Lastly, find or search for the file you need from your Google Drive. It is easier to find files if you search the file by Last Modified which shows the list of folders first where the recent file was downloaded into. From the Asana task, this will give you the link which automatically opens the file in your Google Drive.

The advantage of this is that it’s been controlled by the permissions of your Google G Suite account, and you always got a searchable copy for that in your Google Drive whenever you need it. Another advantage is when you rename your file in your Google Drive, this will still be opened as the new file name.

Option 4 – Move or Copy File(s) to your local Google Drive Folder on your PC

The fourth way is you can move or copy file(s) to your local Google Drive Folder on your PC.

This is very useful in attaching large files, like video files or large graphic files or presentations.

Similar to Option 2, save the file to your PC, but specifically save it INTO your one of your local Google Drive folders. This will then sync that file up into the cloud using Google Drive File Stream.

Then like Option 3, you can then go to the Asana task you need to attach the file(s) onto, then click the Paperclip icon, choose Attach from Google Drive and click your Google account for access in your files. And Lastly, find or search for the file you need from your Google Drive


So that’s the 4 ways on how to attach files from Google or your PC into your Asana task. With these four ways, you can choose on what’s the best way to use depending on the type of files you are to transfer.

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