Xmas Message 2015

Hi, this is Dean Crabb from C2 Solutions. Over the Xmas period we’ll still be working most days that aren’t public holidays to support our clients that need us during this period. So, we’ll be taking 2 weeks off in January from the 10th to 24th. If you need support over the Xmas period please […]

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Amendments to Terms and Conditions

C2 Solutions has made some amendments to our Terms and Conditions as of 25th Sept 2015 .  These changes allow for release of our new Managed Services products and improvements to our project revisions process.  The changes don’t affect existing customers, only new customers about to start a website design or customers that buy our Managed Services products. […]

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Sync Multiple Google Drives? InSync Has You Covered

Anyone who uses more than one Google Drive account will be familiar with the struggle of keeping multiple Drive accounts synchronized between computers. InSync makes this process much easier by seamlessly managing all your Drive accounts between all your computers, without the need for any complicated setup. Originally a Windows only application, InSync has now […]

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Canva Banner

Canva Review: Save Money By Being Your Own Graphic Designer

Canva is one of countless new startups that aim to change the way we do things for our business, and in this case it’s how we design graphics. This is a common problem for small business owners, as making graphics for your website, social media and promotional materials can be a difficult and time consuming process. […]

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Zopim Live Chat: A Worthwhile Investment For Your Business?

You’ll often see a live chat widget embedded at the bottom of the page on various eCommerce stores and service providers. Zopim has become an increasingly popular platform for this, due in part to its feature-rich nature and competitive pricing targeted at small to medium-sized businesses. The concept of live chat in general is certainly worth […]

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McMahon’s Transport Website Launch

We are please to announce the launch of McMahon’s Transport new website.  We really took some time to find the right way to showcase their products and came up with a fantastic idea.  Within the first week of launching the website they received 6 new customers.  The product range has been rapidly expanding since then because […]

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