C2 Cloud Implementation Program


Implementation Program

Move Your Business to the Cloud

We'll show you and your team how to implement AND use the core systems to
run your business, to leverage them for systemised growth.

The Implementation Begins Here

Lets make some magic happen together.

You are at the beginning of something special for your business, and we are going to give you the tools to do it.

Okay ... not only will we give you the tools, we'll show you how to IMPLEMENT and USE those tools for you and your team.

Think of all the time saved fussing over technology and training your staff!!

In this program we'll give you all the resources you need to get the core systems in place to run your business.

The  Cloud Program Unpacked

Here are the 12 systems we'll show you how to IMPLEMENT in your business plus provide training videos so you and your team learn HOW to use them.

Google G Suite Admin
for centralised control of your Enterprise including emails and files and cloud integrations.

Asana Task Management
a powerhouse tool to move tasks out of emails, and get control over your team's work & projects.

Lastpass Enterprise
to store all your passwords in the cloud and share them with your staff securely.

Google Gmail
the leading cloud email solution which you can access on any device.

Google Calendar
clever and clear visibility of your diary with shared calendars for your teams.

Google Drive and Team Drive
for centralised control of your Enterprise documents and other files in the cloud.

A comprehensive set of collaborative tools for your business in one package that works seamlessly from your computers and mobile devices.

Google Sites Knowledge-base
setup an online portal to store your company's policies and procedures.

Google Hangouts & Meets
a collaborative chat and video conferencing solution integrated with your Google G Suite.

Google Groups
the best and easiest way to centrally manage staff access to your enterprise resources.

Google Vault
secure your emails from deletion and ensure this company resource is protected.

Google File Stream
access your google cloud files directly on your computer as if they were local.

Google Backup & Sync
backup other files on your PC to the cloud to ensure nothing gets lost.

Our Guarantee to You

When you start this program you'll get access to all the online videos, resources and worksheets accessible in our secure members area.

The training lessons are designed to be easy step-by-step instructions to guide you through IMPLEMENTING these solutions to TRANSFORM your business into the cloud, with all our support along the away.

Additionally there are training videos to show you how to USE the solutions and get the most from them.  These are all accessible by your team saving you the heaps of time in training them on how to use them.

Not only have we used these tools ourselves for years, we helped implement them and train many businesses on how to use them.  PLUS we are an official Google Cloud Reseseller.

In addition to the online content, every 2 weeks you'll get access to video conference in (or phone in) with Dean to ask questions about using these tools in your business in a live webinar.  Each session is recorded live and you'll have access to those videos as an additional resource.

Plus, you'll get access to ask questions in the "C2 Cloud Implementation Program's" Facebook group.  Its a great accessible resource to get answers.

C2 Progressive Learning SystemTM

As an added bonus, we've implemented a first!  The C2 Progressive Learning System is a library of videos that will be ever-expanding based on the questions you ask.  We'll create training videos to answers your questions and constantly add them to the library for all members to access.


No-Brainer Guarantee!

Look, I want this to be simple for you so here is the deal!

Do our program, implement it, and if you don't love it and it doesn't work for you, just let me know know at the end of 30 days and I'll give you your money back.

See ... its a no-brainer!

What Others Are Saying

Micromax Pty Ltd

Due to their efficiency, methodology, tools, expertise & professionalism C2 Solutions are able to deliver a quality AND "value for money" solution for one of our key business streams. Thank you for exceeding our expectations.

Anthony Cuoco Chief Operating Officer

HRM Consulting Services

C2 Solutions are not only very technically knowledgeable, but also have a good understanding of the business and how processes can assist & influence the effectiveness of organisation.

John Cachia Managing Principal

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