The Perfect Week Blueprint

The Perfect Week


Smash Out Your Perfect Week While Still Having Quality Free Time

Struggling to find time in your day?  Too many interruptions and not enough productive time?

Our radical new method not only shows you how to shift from where you are and gain more time, but also how to plan Your Perfect Systemised Week.

The Magic Begins Here

I bet I know how you feel right now.

I too have struggled for years with the annoyance of lots of interruptions during my work day. 

I've lived with the frustrations of feeling like I'm not getting much work done each day, only to then stay up late to try to finish it. Exhausted and tired ... but still ruthlessly pushing on.

I've worked until late, got up early, and sacrificed my family time to try to get ahead. In the back of my mind it silently bothered me that I was missing out on the most important parts of my life - exercise, family, holidays ... and weekends!

And for what? To wake up and do it all again tomorrow with the weeks passing by so quickly. Sound familiar?

That Was Until ....

That was until I created this new method for managing my work and organising my week.  

Now I only work from 9-to-5:30 and have a lot more free time during the day to maintain a healthy work-life balance, enjoy my hobbies and spend time with my family. AND I'm going to show you how to do it too!

This isn't just a few tips for managing your email, or for shuffling around bits of paper so your desk feels cleaner.  I'm focused on building systems, and this is a system ... a methodology you can follow to plan out Your Perfect Systemised Week and allow you live your life to the fullest potential.

In this methodology, there are strategies for how to categorise different types of work, not just on priority (which doesn't really work by the way), and strategies for how to organise that work into your week so you are highly productive.

There are also strategies for how to handle interruptions and when and how to deal with them. And sure, we'll also give you tips on how to reduce your email noise, so you super focused on what you need to do.

Sound good?  I know right!!

So lets make some magic happen together!

You are at the beginning of something special in your working career, because this will change the way you work forever in your life, and I am going to share with you the secret for how to do it.

Not only will you have time for breaks, you'll reclaim your weekends, family time and start to enjoy working again because you'll have the mental space to be creative and power through your days.

You know, I take about 3 - 4 big breaks every day.  In those breaks I'll work out, take the dog for a walk, go and swim some laps, play some games with my son, or sit out on the balcony and have a cup of tea in the sunshine.  And I'm more productive now than ever before.  Want to learn how?

Not only will we give you the method, but we'll also give you a couple examples of the perfect week depending on what type of job you work so you know how a perfect week may look for you.  But its up to you to design your own but this method will show you how simple it is to do, once you know how.

Think for a minute about what you'll do with all that reclaimed time?  What you'll do in your evenings with your partner or kids, or what you'll do on you weekend?

In this program we'll give you all the resources you need to setup and start Your Perfect Systemised Week today! Sound good?  Lets get started.

The  Perfect Systemised Week Unpacked

Here are the benefits you'll get from this program that will transform how to go about your working week and make them super productive.

Get The 7-Step System
yes, you'll get the secret sauce that is the method behind the Your Perfect Systemised Week.

Diary Mastery
you'll get clear guidelines to organise your diary so you become the master of it, not the slave to it.

Interruption Management
once you know the system, how you handle interruptions becomes ridiculously clear!

Task Management Tips
learn how to get tasks out of emails and wrangle them into shape!

​This Method and the comprehensive set of techniques takes you
from chaos to systemised, from time-poor 
to time-freedom.

How to Free-Up Time
the real trick is this - knowing how to move yourself from chaos to work on the important stuff that makes a difference.

Work Type Categorisation
we give you a clear strategy for managing your time, which starts by categorising your work right

Work Prioritisation
get tips for how to prioritise your work so you know what comes first, first!

Email Management Tips
learn to massively reduce your emails and the noise of these pesky time interrupters.

Our Guarantee to You

When you start this program you'll get access to all the online videos, resources and worksheets accessible in our secure members area.

The training lessons are designed to be easy step-by-step instructions to guide you through UNDERSTANDING and IMPLEMENTING this method to TRANSFORM your work week, with all our support along the away.

In addition the the course we have a few goodies for you.  We'll give you several templated examples of The Perfect Systemised Week for different job types so you can work them into your own schedule. PLUS, we'll give you a couple of cool desktop wallpapers you can add to your PC to constantly be reminded to work with your new system.

C2 Progressive Learning SystemTM

As an added bonus, we've implemented a first!  The C2 Progressive Learning System is a library videos that will be ever-expanding based on the questions you ask.  We'll create training videos to answers your questions and constantly add them to the library for all members to access.


No-Brainer Guarantee!

Look, I want this to be simple for you so here is the deal!

Do our program, implement it, and if you don't love it and it doesn't work for you, just let me know at the end of 14 days and I'll give you your money back.

See ... its a no-brainer!

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