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Google Forms to Asana Integration

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An elegant way to systemise all your tasks from Google Forms into Asana!

Submit Google Forms to Asana

Create Task Templates into Asana

Send Email Notifications on Submit

Re-Submit your Google Forms

Every business has many repeating steps that they perform on a regular basis. With this tool all of those steps can be automated into Asana when a Google Form is submitted.

Those steps usually kick off when a key trigger initiates the process. That trigger could be an internal person starting a project or requesting something to be done, a client requesting you do something, or the initiation of a new lead for the business.  The possibilities are endless and there are lots of repeating tasks in your business that this solution can help simplify.

Google Forms to Asana Checklist Pro comes packed with a bunch of features that allow communication between Google forms and Asana for automating and systemising these everyday tasks in your business.


We have built a lot of features into this solution that makes it simple to use and powerful in what it can deliver for you:

  • Submit Google forms into Asana
  • Manage all your business task checklists (for Asana) from a central Dashboard for all of your Google forms
  • Create either a parent task or project in Asana for each Google form submission
  • Send an email notifications on Google form submission to multiple recipients
  • Store all the Google form details in the Asana task or project
  • Store all the Google form details in email notification
  • Create your own checklists of tasks for each Google Form (an Asana task template)
  • Task checklists are automatically created as tasks (or subtasks) on form submission
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  • A unique editable URL is provided in the Asana task and email so you can edit the original Google form submission and re-submit changes.
  • Google Form submission version tracking
  • Full revision history of Google form re-submissions
  • Update Asana parent task or project on Google form re-submission
  • Set notes against each sub-task that is created
  • Set assignees, followers and tags on sub-tasks
  • Create cascading due dates for tasks based on the Google form submission (not currently possible in asana)
  • … and many more!
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Use it For:

Keep in mind, the Google form that starts the process can be used both internally by your staff and externally by your clients.  This solution gives you LOTS of options:

  • Capture leads in your business and track them in Asana
  • Initiate a project and create all the tasks that need to be done automatically
  • Kick off a hire or sale and gather the client information upfront
  • Collect support requests from clients
  • Fire off a checklist that you need someone to do
  • Report a bug to your teammate
  • Collect employee data from your team
  • Create a list of tasks your Virtual Assistant has to do regularly
  • Gather feedback from clients and take action on it
  • Capture your client preferences at the start of a project
  • When you think about your business, we are sure you can think of more ….
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Does this work on the free version of Asana?


Does this support Google Forms "file upload" feature?

Yes. We've made a lot of effort to ensure that the file upload feature results in a URL link in the notifications email and Asana task that links to the uploaded file.

Does this solution support Google Forms "section" feature?

Yes 🙂 Sections work great with the solution. We support all the Google Form functionality.

Can I use this for my whole business? Can my team use it?

Yes, One license allows anyone in your Google G Suite Account (your domain) to create forms for submission into Asana.

Can I have more than one dashboard for my task checklists?

Yes, You can create a separate dashboard for each form if you like or one dashboard for all the tasks across all of your Google forms.  Keep in mind, that if you have multiple users they will need access to edit the dashboard to make changes and connect their own forms.

Does the trial require me to enter my credit card details?

No, the trial is completely free and only requires you to sign up for to get a trial license to activate the product. The license will be emailed out to you. Only once the trial ends will you buy the Pro version license.

I have an issue with my license or want help what do I do?

You can contact us here for support.

When I install the add-on it requests authorisation to google drive etc.  Why?

Google Forms to Asana Checklist Pro has to link Google spreadsheets and forms together to create the solution. Naturally these sit in your Google Drive and through our setup Wizard we prompt users to create these documents.  But we need permission to be able to move them into the same folder as your originating Google form. Is just for simplicity so you can find the linked files that were created in the same folder as your form. 🙂

Also Google forms released a new feature several months ago that allows an end user to upload files through the Google form as one of the questions in the form.  Its pretty cool actually!  So to make our product compatible we had to ensure that if someone used this feature and requested a form submitter to upload a file that our your Asana tasks and emails would generate the Google Drive link properly for the uploaded file, so that if you click it, the file opens.

Does Google Forms to Asana Checklist Pro work with Team Drive?

No, Team Drive is a recently-released feature and is not currently supported. Move your form outside of the Team Drive into the normal Google Drive. We'll be working on fixing this to include support for Team Drive in upcoming releases. 

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