Linking SnagIt to Google Drive to Upload Images Faster

SnagIt is a great tool we use internally for our business all the time. We use it primarily for capturing videos, screenshots and making annotations to create documentation or training videos. What we’d like to show you today is a great feature at the back-end that allows you to upload your images directly into Google Drive. While the default option for SnagIt for sharing images is using Screencast, it’s a bit slow and has limited sharing capability with your team. This is where using Google Drive for Snagit steps in and has some great advantages.

Advantages of Linking SnagIt to Google Drive

  • Quick-sharing

Linking SnagIt to Google Drive makes it quicker to share. From uploading it to your Google Drive to getting a link in your clipboard to share the image is incredibly fast.

  • Retaining Images

Google Drive has lot more storage capability to save images into a central location.

  • Managing Access

Putting all your images in a central location in Google Drive will allow you to easily manage access to the images for your team, so they can see them too if required.  Searching and finding an images is also a lot quicker.

How to Link SnagIt to Google Drive

Under the Share menu, at the top-right of your SnagIt screen, there is a list of options for sharing the image. You can access the Google Drive  from there.

There is another option to add the Google Drive Icon at the top-middle of the menu, by simply clicking right-click on the toolbar and choosing Customize.

Connect Google Account

At the Share menu, go to  Google Drive and hover your mouse above the arrow down icon. Choose Account and this will prompt a login screen. Sign in and allow permissions to your account.

Set your Options

At the Share menu, go to Google Drive and hover your mouse above the arrow down icon. Choose Options and this will prompt for the folder location where to save the image in SnagIt. Put a check mark beside the option for Always ask the name and folder location.

There’s a bug here that you have to work around, where the folder does not save the folder location. What we will have to do is to upload it first in the desired folder and then it will later save your options.

Upload Your File into Google Drive

With the image open in your SnagIt screen, go to Share and Select Google Drive.

This will prompt a new screen where you can place the name of the file and select the folder location. Our standard is to retain the date and time stamp in the file name and include meaningful keywords in the file name for easier retrieval. It would also be good practice to practice versioning.

The folder location, unfortunately takes a long time to load, so be patient when you’re doing this for the first time.

Share your Uploaded File

In less than five seconds you will have the link to the image uploaded in your Google Drive, ready for sharing.

Working around the bug

There is a bug in Snagit when linking to Google Drive that means it won’t properly save the default folder where you want to save your images to in the Google Drive. However there is a way to walk around this (which is demonstrated nicely in the video).

After uploading your first file, Click CTRL+Shift+Esc in your PC to bring up the task manager. Kill the processes for SnagIt Editor, SnagIt Helper and the SnagIt program. Once they are all gone, reload the main SnagIt program again, and load the SnagIt editor. Your folder location settings from your last upload will now be in the default location, when saving a new image and you can quickly save files in the same folder again.


So there you go, a quick-and-easy way to share images using SnagIt and Google Drive. Hope you found that helpful and something that you can also use to better systemise your business.