Manage File Versions and File Duplicates in Google Drive (File Deduplication)

Google recently released a little feature in Google Drive that actually has massive implications to the way it works. File Deduplication, or File Versioning, happens when you upload several files that have the same name, and then you get a version history of the file. Google Docs have for a long time provided file versioning with their own online files but now you also get this feature for Microsoft documents in Google Drive.


How Does File Deduplication Work?

You can see the versioning process by working on a Google document. Inside Google Docs you can manage a very detailed version history, where you can revert your changes or track the changes somebody has made on a document. This refined system, however, initially did not work on uploaded Microsoft documents in Google Drive. This new feature is a great benefit to businesses who are using Microsoft for their spreadsheets and word processing with Google Drive.

File Deduplication allows users to manage the versions of Microsoft documents in Google Drive. When you upload a file of the same name Google will combine them together and create a version history.

You can also upload files into an existing revision history by right-clicking on the file and choosing “manage versions”. From there you will be able to see the several instances of the file, and choose which to keep, download or delete.

Alternative you can drag and drop a file from your PC into the Google Drive browser interface and it will intuitively keep versioning files of the same name together. An alert will show that the versions now stay together, or you can opt to split them out into separate files if you like.


Benefits of File Deduplication

While this might be a simple feature, the underlying implication on the way business users work is enormous. It gives classic Microsoft Word and Excel users the flexibility to work seamlessly in Google Drive. This feature makes the transition to Google a lot more easier for business and in turn maintains the productivity of users but giving them the flexibility to work the way they prefer.

Collaboration between Google and Microsoft users will be a lot easier and allow classic users to see the bigger benefit of shifting into using Google as the core platform for their business.