How to Use Asana Keyboard Shortcuts

Today I want to talk to you about one of my favourite tools, Asana. It’s an internal task-based system you can use to manage your business, that has some really great keyboard shortcuts you can utilise to make it even better.

Asana has done a great job in creating an intuitive tool that’s very easy to us and the keyboard shortcuts give you extra functionality that can help you be more efficient, saving you much needed time that you could use doing what needs to be done.

Today, we’re going to show you some of those tricks and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how some of these shortcuts can cut the time you usually take, and make your Asana experience an even better one.

Asana Keyboard Shortcuts

Asana was created with the end goal of helping users get their work done, instead of taking time to work on the daily repetitive tasks, such as monitoring and delegating tasks. To help you focus on the things that need to get done, you can use some of this handy shortcuts to speed up the time you take tracking your tasks.

You can find an extensive list of all the windows and mac shortcuts can be seen at this link:

You can also download a PDF copy of the shortcuts, but this isn’t necessary as you can take a quick look of the keyboard shortcuts inside the Asana task management tool and simply click CTRL + / to display the list of keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s some of the shortcuts commonly used to get you started.

Shortcuts used in the Task List

End of the line + Enter – Creates a Task after current selected Task
Start of the line + Enter – Creates a Task before current selected Task
Tab + Q – Brings up a Quick-add task screen to create a task
Tab + / – Search Bar
: – Add a colon at the end of the task to create a Heading breaking your lists into sections
Tab + Backspace – Delete the selected Task(s)
Click on Task + hold down Shift – Select multiple tasks in a row. You can then action them.
Click Task + hold down CTRL – Select multiple tasks individually.  You can then action them.
Tab + M – Assign task to self
Tab + D – Assign due date
Tab + F – Assign follower
Tab + P – Assign project
CTRL + Arrow Keys – Change order of Task(s)
CTRL + C and CTRL + V – Functions normally to copy and paste selected Task(s)

Shortcuts for My Tasks Section

Tab + U – Moves a selected task to the Today Section
Tab + Y – Moves a selected task to the Upcoming Section
Tab + L – Moves a selected task to the Later Section

Shortcuts for the Inbox

F – Follow and unfollow tasks
I – Archive tasks
S – Show archive
H – Show inbox

Shortcuts inside the Task Pane and some Text Formatting Commands

CTRL + Shift + 7 – Numbered items
CTRL + Shift + 8 – Bullet points
CTRL + B, CTRL + I CTRL+UBold, Italicize and Underline
TAB + S – Create Subtask
TAB + T – Tagging to change priority
CTRL + Enter – Mark Task as Complete
TAB + C – Go to Comment
@ – Mention user and this update will show in their inbox whether or not they are following the task, you can also mention a project or a reference task

Hope you found all those helpful and remember to use CTRL + / to bring up the help screen while in Asana