Using Google’s Voice Recognition to do Voice to Text in Documents and Gmail

One of the big developments over the last few years is voice recognition and voice dictation. Voice recognition allows your smart gadgets to performs tasks for you with the use of your voice.When you want to do a search using your phone he can just simply say it directly to your phone and this functionality will allow Google to search using the software’s capabilities to recognize your voice. Phones have become so smart that you can also use voice-to-text functionality, so instead of typing out messages in your phone you can just say things out loud without having to type them at all. There is also the bigger development in voice recognition in software Like Google Docs or Gmail. Instead of typing up your email messages or a large chunk of information in your Google Docs you can just literally talk your way through it . Google has also released a new slew of commands that can allow you to format documents so there’s a lot that you can do to save yourself some time.

One of the important things that you need to own is a good microphone. A lot of people have tried voice dictation and complain that doesn’t really work for them. Instead of saving them time, they spent a lot more time on editing the typed out document. It’s really important to invest in a good microphone and you’ll easily add back the expense of the microphone with the time that you save using voice dictation. In a span of a year, voice dictation will save you lots and lots of hours which makes the investment really worth it.

How to Set-up Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition is not native to Google yet, but the beauty of it is that you can enable this functionality through Chrome extensions. At the top right of your chrome browser, click the three dots. Select More Tools > Extensions. This will display a list of extension that you have already installed for your chrome browser. Go to the very bottom and you will see the Google Chrome Store icon. Click Get More Extensions. This will lead you to the Chrome Store, where you can search for the email dictation extension. Choose the one by Greg Sadetsky and add this to chrome.

Using Dictation in Gmail

Once the email dictation extension is installed, a mic icon at the bottom of your emails when you compose a reply or a new message. Simply click the icon and start dictating your message.

Using Dictation in Google Documents

To start, go to Google Drive and create a new Google Docs word processing document. Once you’re in the new document go to the top menu and select Tools > Voice typing. A small pop-up window will appear to the left of your document with a dark microphone icon inside it. Click the microphone, it will turn red, and you can start speaking your text. As you speak, don’t be afraid to pause and think about what you’re saying. Once you’re done, click the microphone again to turn off the service.

From here on you have a liberal direction on dictation the way you want the text to be formatted. Here are the common commands that most people use.


  • Create bulleted list
  • Create numbered list

Text formatting

  • Apply heading [1–6]
  • Apply normal text
  • Apply subtitle
  • Apply title

Add punctuation
You can use these phrases to add punctuation to your text:

  • Period
  • Comma
  • Exclamation point
  • Question mark
  • New line
  • New paragraph

For a detailed list of the commands that are possible you can see them at the Google Support Pages

Voice dictation is a really powerful tool that can enable you to have more productive and achieve efficiency in your daily tasks. Try it out and start using and exploring this feature. Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial of using voice dictation in Google Docs and Gmail.

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