Using Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger to Boost Your Business Communications

Today I want to talk to you about a new tool that I discovered a year ago. It’s a walkie tool that’s an absolute game changer on how you communicate in your business. This walkie talkie tool is called Voxer.

If I asked you what would be the main tool you use for communication with your team, your answer would probably be one of these tools: Email, Chat, SMS, Calls and Video Conferencing. While there’s nothing wrong with using these common tools, it unfortunately eats a chunk of your time just using them. Imagine setting up a meeting, talking through your salient points, having someone take down notes and storing the notes somewhere accessible for reference on action items. Before something gets assigned and done, the day is already over.

Voxer sits nicely as an app that allows for instant messaging that is not so intrusive unlike a phone call or a video conference. It’s simply a push-to-talk walkie-talkie app that allows you to deliver your message instantaneously, but allowing for a response or a message that is well-thought. While a usual Chat or SMS function will allow you the time to edit out your thoughts for delivery, it consumes time. Voxer just allows you to talk instead of typing and the next person can hear the message instantaneously and prepare their response

Voxer is very flexible. It’s available on android and ios devices, and also has a web app, making it agnostic to the device. Voxer’s features make it handy for those who are working remotely. It’s definitely a must-try tool to download for your business, and today we’re going to walk you through it so you can have a chance to take a look at its interface, before you start using Voxer.

Navigating your Voxer App


This is where you will be living in. Your chats will show the contacts you currently have conversations with. Here are several functions that are also very helpful in sending the message across to your contacts

  • Take a Photo
    You can take a video of yourself or a photo that can be attached and sent to your contact. You can also send an existing photo or video as well.
  • Attach a File
    Just like your regular chat window, you can attach a file, a photo, a screenshot, or any relevant item that you need to send quickly to your team or contact.
  • Send Text Message
    The beauty with Voxer is it allows you to send voice messages but give you the flexibility of also being able to send text messages as well.


This is where you can search for your contacts who have the Voxer app to start the conversation.


When you first install Voxer it will provide you a username with various characters and numbers. It would be useful to change your username to make it very simple, so you can easily provide your contact username to your other contacts who also have the Voxer app.

Using your Voxer App

Select a contact in your chats or search for a contact. You can also start by selecting the big Plus Icon at the bottom right and select whether you are going to have a Group Chat with several contacts, a Private Chat with a single contact or a Broadcast Message (a pro feature!) which can serve as an announcement to your team.

Inside the chat window, you can notice that the interface is very intuitive and simple. Your voice messages will come up as delivered, and heard real-time and you can see all these prompts inside the app. One of the advantages of the Pro version is the Recall button. This allows you to delete a message that was mistakenly recorded or sent, saving you from a possibly embarrassing situation and miscommunication.

Once the message is sent all you have to do is wait for a response. Once a response is received you can star the message. All starred messages will appear in a separate chat for starred messages which you can later check if you want to quickly reference a task that was mentioned earlier.

Overall, using Voxer is really simple, and will revolutionize the way you communicate with your team. It works well for project teams and enhances those that are mobile and working remotely, allowing for flexibility and efficiency in internal communication. Download the app now, import your contacts, start sending messages and see the world of difference it makes.